Zsolt Keresztúri

Business Unit Director
DBH Group

Bilateral Meetings

  • (12.00 am - 4.00 pm
DescriptionDBH Group has been assisting Central Eastern European companies in their business development activities in the Netherlands, Czechia, Romania, Austria and Hungary. Beside giving strategic advice we organise B2B meetings with selected local companies (end-users, distributors, partners). 

Organization Type Company
Organization Size51-100
Founding Year1994
CityBudapest, Kacsa utca 15-23. Google map
Areas of Activities

Food industry




        International markets, business development

        Business Infrastructure in Central Eastern Europe
        The DBH Group operates a comprehensive business infrastructure (serviced offices, serviced industrial facilities, IT) and professional consultants (finance, taxation, IT, project management and IT) in Central and Eastern Europe (in Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

        DBH’s goal is to assist companies in domestic and regional expansion while helping them optimize their operations. Our services allow our partners to concentrate on their core business activity while our experts with local knowledge and international experience and our modern business infrastructure ensure the ideal business environment for them. We provide what our customers demand; outfitted offices, customized industrial environment, IT infrastructure, local tax experts, administrative experts and secretarial services.

        The main advantages of our business services:

        Local expertise
        International experience
        Modern infrastructure
        Extensive regional and international business network
        Regional and international business network
        Because of our extensive regional and international business network and our local experts, we provide our partners expanding to Western Europe, North America and Asia with essential services required for their successful market entrance. Our professionals have extensive business relationships in North American, Asian and Western European markets and through our international partner organizations, we provide a modern business environment (accounting, serviced offices, project management, IT) for our customers.

        Venture capital investment
        The DBH Group’s own venture capital fund is managed by the DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Management Plc. The main task of the venture capital fund is to provide capital to finance activities promoting the dynamic growth of enterprises. The most frequently supported activities involve research and development, product development or financing the entrance into international markets.

        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Manufacturing agreement
        3. Sales / Distribution
        4. Other
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation
        3. License agreement
        4. Manufacturing agreement
        5. Sales / Distribution
        6. Other