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DescriptionWe are the first major manufacturer in Europe to produce ice cream withouth additives. STORK ice creams contain bits of fruits thaht have been grown withouth pesticides and ripened in the sun, which makes for a full and authentic flavour. To make sure your health is taken good care of, we use no artifical colourings, flavour enhancers or preservatives. All our ice creams are made from natural ingredients, which means that no GMO ingredients are used. The supplier of our ingredients guarantee the highest quality of foods and are »GMO-free production«-certified companies. To make sure your mantain yout vitality and a healthy lifestyle, Stork ice creams contain only natural, low-calorie sweeteners. They contain no gluten and no artifical additives, and can thus be your daily guilt-free treat. As we respect your unique lifestyle, we have also prepared vegan and non-dairy ice creams. Our range of products includes gluten-free ice creams and a wide variety of flavours makes sure even the finest lunch or dinner is rounded odd in style. Find more on:
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