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DescriptionReal food produce fresh “stabilized” culinary specialties that maintain unaltered their own organoleptic characteristics out of fridge, at room temperature, also for 6 months since their packaging. They have to be warmed up in the microwave for a little more than a minute and, once opened, they release a taste and an intense fragrance similarly to a fresh culinary dish. They are completely without preservatives, additives, food coloring and so on, but they are 100% natural and guarantee a regular calorie count and an high level of digestibility. At the moment 18 types of first and second dishes are available and we are going to introduce the new BIO line for the healthy and biological nutrition lovers.
Organization Type Company
CityPordenone, Via Lino Zanussi 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

Food industry


    Production of ready meals, packaged in modified atmosphere

    The Italian company is specialized in the production of ready meal, packaged in modified atmosphere.

    The catalogue includes first dishes and second dishes ( such as penne with tomato sauce, fusilli with meat sauce, fettuccine with truffle and mushrooms sauce, lasagna alla Bolognese, lasagna with mushrooms, cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, chicken nuggets stewed, chicken nuggets with beer and saffron, morsels of veal with vegetables, meatballs and peas).

    The ready meals are packaged in a way to be maintain unaltered the organoleptic characteristics out of the fridge, at room temperature, also for 6 months since their packaging.

    The company is searching for foreign retailers, wholesalers, ho.re.ca. sector operators interested to acquire the products.

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