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DescriptionThe Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Businesses Maribor is a local branch organization of the national Chamber of Crafts and Small Businesses of Slovenia. The Chamber is an umbrella organisation comprising the craft and small business chamber system jointly with 62 regional chambers. Its target groups are craftsmen and small businesses in the Maribor region, organized in several different sectors. The wide range of activities of OOZMB include the following: • Craft register (OOZMB keeps a register of crafts for members in the area under it’s jurisdiction); • Exercising powers conferred by public low: managing the procedure of issuing, craft licences (OOZMB issues licences to craftsmen who meet the conditions for a licence in it’s branch); • Education (collaboration in processes of formal vocational education for crafts, execution of trainee’s exams, organisation of different trainings for members – panels, seminars, workshops, etc.); • Free specialized consultancies in several fields: business law, safety and health at work, business exchange & foreign trade, education, master exams; • Business information about supply & demand related to Maribor craftsmen and small businesses (business information from various exchanges about supply and demand of domestic and foreign companies and institutions); • Support for craftsman in the transfer of business ownership (national and transnational business transfer); • Promotion activities (presentation of the activities of the Chamber and its members at local fairs and fairs abroad; promotion publications & catalogues; collaboration and business talks and meetings with domestic and foreign chambers); • Support Office for working abroad (OOZMB provides all the information necessary for the implementation of cross-border services in the EU); • General information on different areas (in the field of crafts and other legislation; basic information about funding possibilities; issuing of various certificates, recommendations, extracts from craft register, etc.; accepting applications for licenses, master exams, examinations, occupational safety, etc.; • Co-ordination of professional sections.
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Phone+ 386 (0) 2 33 03 504
CityMARIBOR, Titova cesta 63 Google map
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    Chamber of craft & small business of Maribor is interested in business cooperation with similar organizations, representing crafts and entrepreneurship.

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