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DescriptionSlovenian company active since 2011 specialised in production of snails and first class snail caviar is interested in expanding its business abroad. Currently the company exports to the Polish, Slovenian and Montenegrin market. The company has one hectare outdoor and 600 squares of indoor prostitution area. The Alps caviar is extravagant food for hedonists, the seekers of new flavours. It can be consumed individually with a glass of sparkling wine, or on a canapé with herb butter and a drop of lemon juice. There are countless ways of preparing it, boundless like human imagination. The Alpine caviar is made from carefully selected fresh snail eggs of Helix Aspersa Muller Maxima species. The eggs are hatched in a snail hatchery, a controlled environment in which over 50 million eggs are hatched annually. The size of an egg ranges from 3-5 mm, and its colour varies from snow-white to light pink. With a great sense of feeling a dish, similar to caviar, has been created. Consuming Alpine caviar reminds us of the unspoiled nature combined with the taste of asparagus, the smell of morning soil and fresh mushrooms. Being snow-white in colour, the eggs were named after the unspoiled Alps. The eggs are raw and unpasteurized. The company can currently provide a monthly production in amount of 250 kg which can be increased. The company is looking for potential business partners (distributors) and offers cooperation in the form of distribution services agreement. They are interested to enter into a contract on monthly delivery basis with least three-month purchase in advance. The caviar is not pasteurised. Only salt and antioxidants are used for preservation. Alps caviar is kept in vacuum sealed glass containers. The expiration date of the product is 12 months, at the temperature ranging from -3 to +4°C. Certification Standards - Strictly controlled by the national certified Microbiology Laboratory and with Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (HACCP).
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CityRače, Brezula 58 Google map
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Food industry



      Slovenian producer of cream and balm for body care from snail eggs is looking for distributors

      The company is also producing cream and balm for body care from snail eggs. The balm and cream contain proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids. Both products hydrate and regenerate skin.
      The company is looking for potential business partners: distributors with well-developed entrepreneurship network of beauty salons, drugstores, etc

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Sales / Distribution

      Slovenian producer of snail products is looking for distributors

      Slovenian company specialised in breeding snails and snail eggs caviar is looking for distributors worldwide and offers cooperation in the form of distribution services agreement.
      Slovenian company is looking for experienced distributors with at least two years’ experience in distribution of similar luxury food products and a well-developed entrepreneurship network of hotels, restaurants, inns, drugstores and beauty salons.

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Sales / Distribution