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Faculty of Food Science and Engineering

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DescriptionFaculty of Food Science and Engineering has 65 years’ tradition, as the oldest Faculty of Food Industry in Romania, and conducts educational and research programs, preparing food industry engineers in different areas.
Organization Type University
CityGalati, Str. Domnească, nr. 111, Galaţi, 800201 Google map
Areas of Activities



    Looking for partners for european research projects in AgroFood Industry

    • Research directions

    o New processing technologies that ensures food safety an equilibrated nutrition and sustainability
    o Food safety strategies correlated with an equilibrated nutrition and sustainability
    o Sustainability of aquatic biresources
    o Management of natural bioresources

    • Research themes

    o Optimization of the food processing technologies and unit operations
    o Valorization of the by-products and raw materials
    o Functional foods tailored for different categories of consumers
    o Microencapsulation and control released of the bioactive compounds
    o Studies on food products` minimal durability and extended shelflife
    o New packaging materials for foods and modified atmosphere packaging techniques
    o Food reformulation
    o Researches on emerging pathogens control
    o New bioactive compounds obtained with enzymatic hydrolysis
    o Rapid methods for food components identification
    o New foods obtained by minimal processing technologies
    o Phytobiotics and probiotics applications in aquaculture
    o Evaluation of the fish populations from Danube river
    o Stress control and illnesses occurrence in recirculating aquaculture systems
    o Optimization of the recirculating aquaculture systems design
    o New fishes species growth in recirculating aquaculture systems
    o Biosyntheses of functional compounds using enzymes synthesized by microorganisms
    o Enzyme kinetics from different vegetal matrixes and valorization of functional products
    o Fermentation processes design, control of the microorganisms and simulations
    o New methods for understanding biomolecules properties applying in-silico methods
    o Strategies for bioremediation de-pollution and valorization of the byproducts

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