Johannes Schauss

business owner
Ayurveda Lakshmi e.U.

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DescriptionFrom a „Ayurveda Studio“ rised in the year 2008 by the operators with ayurvedic background and appropriate education a small manufactory in the south of austria. In our manufactory we produce organic food and food supplements in lovely handycraft in high quality and in a small edition The owner of the company, Johannes Schauss, guarantee a very good quality. The products of Ayurveda Lakshmi are certified by Austria Biogarantie
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Food industry

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    Organic Food:

    Original Ayurveda Ghee
    Manufactured in manual work and with a gentle boiling procedure.
    This delicious and sophisticated Original Ayurveda Ghee are from best organic butter.

    Pesto Ghee
    Based on Original Ayurveda Ghee arises through mixing with handmade fresh pesto a unique combination, which ist perfectly suitable for preperation of meat- and fish dishes as well as pasta and vegetable.

    Ayurveda Herbs- & Spice Salt
    A salt-mixture, comprising himalaya salt, from the SaltRange in Pakistan und a total of 14 different ayurvedic herbs and spices, handcrafted ground, mixed and filled

    Food Supplements:

    Frankincense Boswellia Serrata
    Vegetarian incense capsules with 600mg Boswelliaextract 85%
    Food supplement for oral solution.
    The used boswellia extract is tested for absence of pollutants and complies pharmaceutical quality.

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